2020 has brought about shifts in almost every aspect of our normal routines: socially, physically (especially with such easy access to snacking), and mentally. We have learned and been tested in our resilience, compassion, flexibility and productivity. One of the major shifts that has effected people and families is the transition to working from home. Although some offices have began to reopen, for those of you who are still at home we have some tips just for you!

  • Designate a work space

Before deciding on where you want to set up your work station, you must figure out what is going to be a work free zone. For example, make your bedroom a no work area because you don’t want it to interfere with your sleep cycle or tempt you with a mid day nap when you are supposed to be working. If you do not have a home office, a kitchen table or desk in the living room make a great substitute. Facebook Marketplace is such a great resource for finding gently used options for making your home into a workplace.

  • Keep your routine!

Do you typically wake up and go to the gym before you head to the office? Don’t stop your routine just because you are working from home! Gyms and yoga studios are back with safe distancing and cleaning protocols that are strictly followed for your protection. Establishing a morning routine is beneficial mentally and physically.  If you typically listen to a podcast, music, or meditation while commuting, take a few moments at the beginning and end of each day to do the same at home. Engaging in some light stretching while you listen can help quiet your mind and ground into your body. If you need time out of the house to prepare for your day, taking a stroll around the neighborhood could have the same benefits as a morning commute. If you are still finding yourself feeling stagnant throughout the day? Maybe consider a stand up desk or a bike desk! Yes, you read that right! There are now desks that have pedals attached for an extra level of activity to add to your day! Added bonus, it counts your calories burned and miles turned!

  • Keep your lifestyle consistent

Just because you don’t have to get up and go into the office is no excuse to stay up late watching Netflix or hit the snooze button 10 times (which we are all guilty of). If you are noticing that you continue to hit a mid-day slump, think about what you would be doing in the office at the same time. Would you be taking a coffee break? It is important to build in little stretch breaks that you wouldn’t typically think of such as the steps you would take to the copier or to the break room. Another habit to work into your new routine is getting dressed! It is super tempting to stay in your sweat pants and lounge wear all day, but you wouldn’t go into the office that way. Changing your clothes changes you mentality for the day!

  • Limit “non-work” activities during work time

As tempting as it may be to cook yourself a large meal for lunch, clean the house or scroll through Instagram, you have to keep your focus on the task at hand. Make a plan that delineates when and where you’re working, and try to keep the boundaries clear, such that you work when you’re working and not when you’re not. The seemingly small breaks to start laundry or watch a YouTube video add up and blur the lines between work and home life.

These are just a few tips we think can help make your now at home office a productive place.

Have any more tips for fellow readers? Comment below!