Words by Hunter Foster

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” so when it comes to staging your home for potential buyers, a stellar first impression should always be your goal. Whether it is in pictures or in-person, the exterior of your home is typically the first thing a buyer is going to see. Although the fall season brings cooler weather and beautiful changes in the foliage, it also brings extra work when it comes to yard maintenance and staging the outside of your home. Watching the leaves change color is something everyone looks forward to, cleaning up those now colorful leaves off your lawn is another thing. Yard maintenance may not be the most fun of tasks but keeping your lawn leaf and brown spot free is vital to keep your yard looking at its prime for potential buyers. Cleaning out your gutters and pressure washing your porch are also important fall-specific exterior maintenance tasks. Adding a seasonal touch such as mums or pumpkins on the steps can really give the impression that this house could be their home.

A lot of home staging has to do with the senses and trying to win them over. Although we may not realize it, the scent of a home can have a strong influence on a buyer. Much like your decor, you’ll want the smell of your home to match the season that you’re selling in. Nothing matches the fall season like a pumpkin spice or warm apple cider candle. Taking this into consideration, it would be a good idea to light a candle before a showing for a subtle autumnal scent throughout your home that invites buyers to stay longer and brings a sense of comfort. A word of caution, although everyone loves an enticing smell, too much of any scent can be overpowering. Avoiding this is as simple as lighting your candle(s) before the buyers arrive and putting it out at the start of a showing.

As previously stated, Autumn brings about cooler temperatures that you can take advantage of when you are in the process of staging your home. Seasonal colors, especially in the fall add a sense of warmth and comfort that many people expect this time of year. Choosing the right accent pieces and decorations in this color palette can set your house head and shoulders above other homes on the market. Look for throws and throw pillows in warm colors and patterns as well as other pieces in in reds or oranges for a pop of color. Adding a warm neutral paint like a caramel or creme to your walls is also a nice way of bringing everything together without being too overwhelming.

A key component of staging your home is finding the right balance between decorating your house while also showing off the spaciousness of the rooms. Instead of overcrowding a  room with furniture and decorations, you may want to shoot for a minimal but effective decorating strategy that allows for buyers to see the space done up but also allows them to visualize what it could be under their ownership.

A few more things to consider when staging your home for the fall:

  • Lighting
    • When staging your home, you want the buyers to be able to see every inch of every room. The best lighting will always be natural lighting, The days are shorter in the fall, make sure to utilize natural light when you can.
  • COVID-19 Safety
    • Due to the ongoing pandemic, it would be advisable to make sure you are as safe and as sanitary as possible. If you are offering in-person tours, please remember to wipe down all coulters and have hand sanitizer strategically placed around the house. It would also be a good idea to keep a small stock of face masks just in case a buyer forgets theirs.
  • Professionals
    • Home staging can seem like a daunting task; however, you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of professional options out there to help with interior decorating and staging. Gilchrest Platinum Producers works with High Falutin Styles, an interior design studio in Oklahoma City that offers professional home staging for anyone looking to out their home on the market.